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Pioneer BD-PIO-11-BK Black 12x SATA 1 to 11 Blu-Ray / DVD / CD Duplicator with 500GB HDD & USB 3.0 & CopyConnect

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Pioneer BD-PIO-11-BK Black 12x SATA 1 to 11 Blu-Ray / DVD / CD Duplicator with 500GB HDD & USB 3.0 & CopyConnect - Manufacturer: Vinpower Digital - Mfg Part Number: BD-PIO-11-BK - Condition: New - Packaging: Retail...
"Vinpower Digital BD-PIO-11-BK,842378005627,Pioneer BD-PIO-11-BK Black 12x SATA 1 to 11 Blu-Ray / DVD / CD Duplicator with 500GB HDD & USB 3.0 & CopyConnect"

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